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PMF8T15 PTO Pellet Maker

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Model Engine  Power
Packing Size
PM8T15 PTO ≥15Hp 220-330(lb) 286(lb) 31*23*39 (in)
 Warranty: 1 Year  Pellet Size: Can Adjust By Your Demand


Pellet Machine Performance Features

Take Care of PTO Pellet Maker

|||The agricultural machinery of homework is expanding due to the development of rural economy and agricultural mechanization. And PTO (power take off) machinery such as straw granular crusher, harvester and pellet maker also get popular in the market. PTO pellet maker is a new type machine which can get the power from the tractor engine by PTO power output device and it is seen as the most promising style of pellet maker on farm. PTO pellet maker makes the most of tractor and helps improve both the quality and benefit of homework. Moreover, the application of PTO largely reduces the labor intensity of farmers and increase income.

PTO Pellet Maker PTO Pellet Maker

The Features of PTO Machinery

The power comes out from secondŠ°ry reduction geŠ°r of the geŠ°rbox output terminŠ°l of the trŠ°ctor, directly driven shŠ°ft geŠ°r on the first motive power output Š°xis instŠ°lled on the bŠ°ck cover, by the first power output shaft, through embedded clutch on the first shŠ°ft, the power cŠ°n be spreŠ°d to the second shaft. By thŠ°t it reŠ°lize the two shŠ°fts output power Š°t the sŠ°me time or at different times, Š°nd cŠ°n use the speed device of small trŠ°ctor for multiple speed. The wet clutch thŠ°t trŠ°nsfers power to geŠ°r cŠ°se, output power through the gear cŠ°se with some trŠ°nsmission device, wet clutch is controlled by electromŠ°gnetic reversing vŠ°lve, the control switch of electromŠ°gnetic reversing vŠ°lve layout in the tractor driving cab.

How to Choose the Right PTO Pellet Maker?

Pay attention to the output power of the machine when buying a PTO pellet maker. The output power of the tractor should be equal to or higher than the output power of the PTO pellet maker. If not, the tractor will work overload or even damage the relevant components. Besides, you should also ensure the parameter of tractor motive power output device matches the parameters of PTO pellet maker. Choosing the right PTO pellet maker according to different situations and requirements will help the machine work at its best.

Often check the fastening bolts of the transmission part and lubricated in time. Pay attention to the install security protection device. Stay away from the drive shaft when it is on working. Prevent the PTO pellet maker from rust by shielding when the machine is left unused for a long time. In conclusion, many customers can benefit from PTO pellet maker, especially for the ones who own a truck or tractor. Since there is no need of motor or engine, the cost of PTO pellet maker is quite cheaper than normal pellet making machines.If you have got any problems on pellet making process, welcome to contact us!

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