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Pellet Machine (Covered-motor)

PMF9EC15 Biomass Wood Pellet Machine

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Pellet Machine Performance Features


Model Power
( hp )
( lb/hr )
Engine Packing Size
( in )
Net/Gross Weight
( lb )
PMF9EC15 15 330-661 Electrical Engine 44.9*18.5*38.2 639/705
Pellet Size: Can Adjust By Your Demand Warranty: 1 Year

High yield Pellet Machine for sale. Buy from USA pellet machine manufacturers! Buy pellet machines from our online store now!

Buy From USA Pellet Machine Manufacturers

When talking about making pellets, we also concern whether the raw material is appropriate and whether the machine is right for the chosen material. Among all the machines that can produce pellets, pellet machine is the most common for both family pelletizing and industrial pelletizing. The operating principle is providing compression and heat to the materials and then shaping the materials into cylinders by force them passing through the pellet die holes.

Pellet Machine Manufacturers Pellet Machine Manufacturer

Being a pellet machine manufacturer in USA, we are here to give you some easy ways to identify the quality of produced pellets. The first criterion that the pellets should meet is size. The raw material should be recreated into a consistent particle size, no more than 6mm, and the ideal size is 4mm or 5mm. Secondly, the percentage of pellets moisture can also reflects the machine quality from the pellet machine manufacturer! Lower or higher than the required range both can affect the fuel value. However, unlike pellet size, there is no unified value for the percentage of moisture, since the ideal value do differs from one material to other material. It depends on the size of pellet machine and the chosen material.

We manufacture many types of pellet machine that can pelletize various pellets. If you plan to make your own pellets or run a pelletizing business, we are happy to help you out! We can aid you with both small pellet production and large pellet production line.

Automated Small Pellet Machine for Sale

Small pellet machines that we manufactured are available for domestic electric power and we also have large scale pellet machines or pellet plants for sale. If you want to make pellets at home or at wood work shop on a very small scale, we can offer you mini pellet machine which is very small in size but very capable in pellets production.

Benefit From Pellet Machines

USA Pellet Machine

Because of climate change crisis, wood pellets and pellet machine markets is growing rapidly. There are also plenty of benefits you can get from pellet machines and pellets. Wood pellets for example, by using the machine provide by pellet machine manufacturers, you can compress wood fiber and reduce the transportation and storage costs, moreover, make combustion much more efficient. Making pellets is very straight forwards, and the true matter is making high quality pellets at high productivity with the minimum energy consumption. So when compared with large scale pellet production, small pellet machine needs higher cost per ton but will lower transportation costs. If you want to benefit from buying machine from pellet machine manufacturers, transportation costs of raw materials and pellets are really what you should pay attention to, however many of us overlooked. The current fuel pellets market is proved to have much potential and the potential is believed to rise in the future such as for torrefaction or warm.

Want To Know More About Our Pellet Machines?

If you have any questions about the manufacturer or our pellet machines, welcome to contact us now for further illuminate! We will be very happy to communicate with you about the details!

American Biomass Pellet Mill for Sale (Wood/Sawdust/Straw......)

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