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Pellet Machine (Covered-motor)

PMF10EC20 Biomass Wood Pellet Machine

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Pellet Machine Performance Features


Model Power
( hp )
( lb/hr )
Engine Packing Size
( in )
Net/Gross Weight
( lb )
PMF10EC20 20 440~992 Electrical Engine 47.2*19.6*42.1 727/793
Pellet Size: Can Adjust By Your Demand Warranty: 1 Year


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Biomass Pellet Making Machine

Buy Pellet Mill Machine from Altocraft in America

Pellet mill manufacturing is an engineering business, and only excellent pellet machinery engineer can come up with high quality biomass pellet making machine. In order to buy a quality pellet mill machine or run a good pellet business, pelletizing knowledge and pellets making experiences are required. However, many people get into pellet investment blindly it goes without saying that they are easy to be taken in, for instance, waste money on wrong pellets machine or even pay for a useless machine.

We have the top experts of biomass pellet making and engineers of pellet mill manufacturing, and we are here to suggest you search about the whole pellet making process, just so you know whether you are buying the right machine from the right supplier and clear that you are getting some good value. As there is a good dose of information online, related to pelletizing process and pellet machines, it will be quite easy for beginners to catch on the whole swing. When choosing the pellet mill machine suppliers, it is necessary to consider that who can offer you better customer care.

Pellet Mill Machine Pellets Machine

Altocraft is definitely the pellet mill supplier you are looking for! We have expert professional pellet mill engineers and installation experts who can guide you when choosing, buying, installing or maintaining your pellet mill machines. We have being manufacturing pellet making machines since 1994 and have an impressive portfolio detailing work done. As extrusion process is the core part of pellets machine manufacturing, extruder is needed to force the biomass materials through the pellet die. There are also many rotating parts such as the bearings and their housings. Installation of biomass pellet making machine is kind of key step too. If you install incorrectly, you probably can never make it right!

When you buy pellet mill machines from, we will offer you free consultation and guide on the whole installation and pelletizing process. Moreover, we have the confidence to guarantee the success of your business!

Wondering If Our Pellet Machines Can Deal With Your Specific Biomass Material?

Wonder no more. Feel free to contact us now! And we can offer you the pelletizing videos, pellet samples made by your material and everything else you want to know.

American Biomass Pellet Mill for Sale (Wood/Sawdust/Straw......)

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