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Pellet Machine (with Electric Engine)

PMF9E15 Biomass Wood Pellet Machine

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Model Power
( hp )
( lb/hr )
Engine Packing Size
( in )
Net/Gross Weight
( lb )
PMF9E15 14.8 330~662 Electrical Engine 46*21*39 639/706
Pellet Size: Can Adjust By Your Demand Warranty: 1 Year


Details of Pellet Machine for Home:

Pellet Machine for Home Pellet Machine for Home

Die Parts: The die parts of this home pellet machine have many holes that are used for shapping the raw material into pellets. The diameter of the holes range from 6 to 8mm and you can shoose the right die depending on your needs.

Roller Parts: The pellet machine for home  has one pair of rollers. However, the new developed flat plate pellet machine have two or three pair of rollers which have bigger capacity of making pellets. Rollers are the core parts of pellet machine for home. The rollers of all our machines are made of precise material of alloy metal which makes the roller anti-bearable and no easy to broken.

This is a screw type pellet machine (gear driven), unlike belt driven machine, the service life of this kind of pellet machine is largely extended.

Home Pellet Machine Accessary & Packaging:

Pellet Machine for Home Pellet Machine Offers-Packaging

Payment Terms: L/C T/T
Package: Wood Case
Delivery Time: 20 Days

Biomass Pellets Produced By This Pellet Machine for Home:

 Pelletizer Machine Pellets

Pellet Machine Performance Features

||| is a pioneer in pellet mill designers and offers, we supply pellet machine for home use and alfalfa pellet machine online. Low cost, best after-sale service! We can also help you DIY pellet mills. Offer You Quality Pellet Machine For Home

After years of working on manufacturing and promoting pellet making machines, we can offer you quality pellet machines made in USA. There are a wide range of pellet machines on pelletmillshop including low cost small pellet machine and large pellet machine for factory at higher price. The pellet machine we offered is amongst the highest quality machinery on the market. For the various pellet machines for sale online, some are produced for making feed pellets, some are produced for making wood pellets. From past experience, using cheap feed machinery to make wood pellets is kind of expensive mistake because it will definitely waste both your time and money! So learn how to tell the pellet machine for wood is necessary for you when looking for fuel pellet machine for home.

Quality Pellet Machine For Home Quality Pellet Machines For Home

Get Pellet Making Materials At No Cost

As it is reported that, the need for wood pellets are rising, which means more and more people begin to turn their attention to pellets offer. There are many kinds of biomass materials that can be used to make pellets, such as wood wastes, agriculture wastes and any other organic matter. If you want to run a pellet making business, find rich source of raw material is urgent. And the raw material better be located around the pellet making factory, so you can save the costs for transportation. Then, you should buy a pellet machine that can handle the raw material you choose very well. Alfalfa pellets for example, in order to make high quality alfalfa pellets, you need to purchase a right pellet machine for alfalfa. There are free biomass wastes everywhere and most factories are even happy to give you the wood wastes or sawdust free. In other words, pellet offering the most profitable business and an environmentally friendly choice too.

Offer Pellet Machine

Any other questions On Our Pellet Machines?

We offer a complete range of pellet machines from home pellet machine to large –scale wood pellet equipment. If you are not clear about pellet machines we offered or want some detail informations, feel free to contact us! It will be our pleasure to help you! will handle all the enquiries we receive as confidential.

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