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TFS420B Hammer Mill Grinder

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Model Power
( KW )
( KW/h )
Engine Packing Size
( mm )
TFS420B 7.5 550~700 Electrical Engine 1090*820*1100 With Motor & Cyclone
Mateiral: Grain of wheat,soybeans,corn,etc. Max. Size of Crush: Ø5×5mm

1 Year
Advantages of TFS420B Hammer Mill Grinder:

  • Superior design, high-quality finished products;
  • High efficiency, low energy consumption;
  • Suitable for grinding wood materials and agricultural wastes such as logs and crop stalks;
  • Easy to operate and maintain;

Details of TFS420B Hammer Mill Grinder:

|||Altocraft USA is a reliable biomass equipment supplier &manufacturer. The hammer mill supplied by Altocraft  is a type of high-end wood crushing equipment. This grinder can deal with various materials ranging from raw wood to agricultural wastes. Compared with traditional crusher-making technique, this product is an innovation at home and abroad. The main components are sieving part, chips re-crushing part, and knife chapping part. It combines chipper and crusher, and that is to say, sawdust can be produced directly without wood chipper and wood crusher. The feed inlet of this hammer mill grinder adopts self-section design to ensure the security of operators.

Hammer Mill Spare Parts Hammer mill grinder parts

Hammer Mill Spare Parts:

Model Spare Parts Remark
TFS420 Blades (Hammer) One set with 16pcs
TFS420 Sieves One piece

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