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Make Hemp Pellets with Grass Pellet Mill

Grass used to be used to produce animal feed pellets, but now there is a tendency to compress grass into fuel pellets for both individual and industrial use. The machines that can process grass are named grass pellet mill. Compared with wood fuel pellet mill, grass pellet mill has many different features. The operating speed of grass pellet mill is higher than wood pellet mill since grass has a lower density than wood and easier to process. So when pelleting grass, higher productivity can be achieved by picks up operating speed and this can also reduce the cost of grass pellet production.

Grass Sources

Grass Pellet Mill With Flat Die or Ring Die?

Generally speaking, most grass pellet mills adopt flat die design. Flat die pellet mill is based on a vertical design. The raw material is feed from the hopper on the top of the machine, and the enter mill process can make good use of gravity, but this is not the true for ring die style. A feed system which will cost a lot of money is required for a ring die pellet mill. In conclusion, Since grass has a low density and easy to compress, low cost grass pellet mill with flat die can definitely compress all grass materials and it should be your first choice.

Grass Pellet Mill Flat Die Grass Pellet Mill Ring Die

The Difference Between Grass Pellets And Wood Pellets

Grass fuel pellets are very different from wood fuel pellets. Before using grass pellet mill for your pellet boiler or stove, it is necessary for you to be clear about the characteristics of grass pellets. In terms of combustion, grass pellets will possibly create slag and clinker formations, and generally will produce more ash. During combustion, chloride, a kind of high temperature corrosive will be generated which means accelerated corrosion to you pellet boiler or stove. Due to this fact, many pellet stoves and boilers require pure wood pellets only. So think twice if you plan to use grass for pellet stove since this could probably destroy the stove unit or even the whole machine!

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Hemp Pellets – An Exception of Grass Pellets

According to all the facts mentioned above, grass pellets appear to be a terrible choice. However there are a few exceptions which will not cause corrosion issues and we can take good use of. Hemp pellets is one of these exceptions. Unlike other grass pellets, hemp fuel pellets produce no clinker or slag formation, little ash and there is scarcely any corrosion risk. Because of all these advantages, hemp fuel pellets are regarded as the most promising biomass fuel, exceed wood pellets. Besides making fuel pellets, hemp is also applied to many other industries covering paper, clothes, oil, plastics, rope and even food production. Hemp and waste hemp residues after pelletizing are both available to produce fuel pellets with grass pellet mills.

ZLSP-150A Flat Die Pellet Machine

Grass Pellet Mill ZLSP-150A

Want To Buy A Quality Grass Pellet Mill

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