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Wood Pellet Mill Intro

You can the description of wood pellet mill online easily but that may be too abstract to understand. Here we will give you a detail introduction of wood pellet mills. Wood pellet mill is also named wood pellet maker but very different from regular mill. After milling the woody materials into particles, pellet mill will press these particles into pellets. Agricultural wastes and wood co-products such as sawdust and rice husks are all available for wood pellet mill. Biomass pellets are widely applied as solid fuels instead of fossil fuel. Pellet mill do differ from manufacturers to manufacturers but in this article, we only give you the general classification.

Large Scale Wood Pellet Mill

The first category of pellet mill is large scale wood pellet mill, also named industrial pellet mill, include flat die style and ring die style. Pellet mill with flat die have the shaping and cutting part including a flat plate with slots. The powder of the woody materials after the preprocessing will be feed into the flat die pellet mill and will be forced through the pellet die by a roller. When the compressed powder leaves the slots it will be cut into the same length. For most ring die pellet mills, there are more than one slot from a central location along the length of pellet die. Also, in order to press the powder into more compact pellets, pellet mill with ring die usually have two rollers and two cutters.

Large Scale Wood Pellet Mill Large Scale Wood Pellet Mill

Homemade Pellet Mill – Small Wood Pellet Mill

The second category of the wood pellet mills is homemade pellet mill. And they can be divided into screw based pellet mill and hydraulic based pellet mill, but both of them have a mold in which the woody materials can be pressed into pellets.

Small Wood Pellet Mill ZLSP-120ASmall Wood Pellet Mill ZLSP-150B Small Wood Pellet Mill ZLSP-150C

Microcontroller Based Pellet Mill

The development of technology brings the third kind of wood pellet mill which is called microcontroller base pellet mill. Compared with the above pellet mills, the operation of this advanced pellet making machine is quite abstract but microcontroller based pellet mill is mostly automatic.

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